October 11, 2011

Liam Fox — just for fun

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okay, let me riddle you a riddle.

how many ill-advised trips does it take to get from imbruglia to imbroglio?

wotjamean any clues? oh alright then

imbruglia: an antipodean popette/looker

imbroglio: a confused or perplexing political or interpersonal situation

obviously there’s no correct answer (yet) but give yourself a point if you said anywhere between 18 and 40.

July 13, 2010

excuse my absence

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okay, so i’ve been sleeping on the job: what do you want me to do, take my personal property and leave the building? ;-(

alas and alack, it occurs to me that the duration of my silence has coincided almost precisely with that of the world cup.

well somebody’s granny (perhaps even mine) once told me “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all”; so with england’s performance in mind i have taken that advice.

and i propose to keep it that way rather than think about it and risk being sick on my shoes.

get a grip losers.

May 30, 2010

out — laws

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now here’s rum thing. without wanting to put the wind up you so close to bedtime.

over breakfast, last monday, right out of nowhere i said to the bemusement of the present mrs rant:-

‘that laws geezer; he’s done something bad.’

‘who she said? what are you talking about?’

undeterred by her characteristic failure of comprehension i explained that i was referring to david laws, newly appointed chief sec to the treasury.

now as to the origin of this information or how i had garnered it i had, and still have no clue, but so it came to pass, which makes it all-the-more unnerving. swipe me!

still, since we’re on the subject i might as well give you the benefit of my wisdom on recent revelations, be they never so prosaic.

first, mr laws seems to have been well-front when brains were being dished out.

okay, so he bats for the other side: not my cup of tea but hardly a hanging offence in the 21st century.

but then his problems, if we are to believe everything he says, probably date back to the 20th century; not that it makes much difference.

anyway, despite the brevity of his tenure in office the politics junkies among us have been left in no doubt as to his brilliance and his multi-millionaireness. nothing wrong with that.

so let’s look at the details here, in so far as we seem to have them.

for the purpose of concealing his gay relationship he claimed expenses presumably comparable to those of a person renting a room in another’s home when had he been open about his relationship he would have been able to claim perhaps double the amount in question.

on the one hand this suggests a certain persisisting perversity in the rules surrounding mps’ expenses claims.

but it also suggests, at least to me, that a mind as sharp as mr laws should have seen this coming and realised that the wise choice would have been to simply claim nothing.

in the words of the prophet: ‘they can’t touch you for it!’

but you don’t get to be a multi-millionare at his age without a preference to bag a quid here-and-there when you get the chance.

in summary: chances of:-

1. concealing your sexual preferences and leading any kind of relaxed lifestyle … tricky.

2. doing the above as a high-profile member of the cabinet … in prurient 21st century britain … next to impossible.

3. doing the above having broken the rules on mps’ expenses … vanishingly small.

at this moment david laws displays many of the characteristics of peter mandelson so he’s a long way from being politically dead-and-buried and must be grateful for the gracious words of his prime minister and party leader.

though what they must have said in private about his crass screw-up less than three weeks into the coalition he had such a prominent role in crafting one can only imagine.

still expect him back before to long; the coalition can ill afford to do without him.

let’s hope that, unlike mandelson, he doesn’t screw-up a second time. anyhow, if he does i’ll at least make the effort to let you know beforehand 😉

cheery bye soothsayers.

May 25, 2010

financially incontinent fergie

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hearing sarah ferguson described this evening as ‘financially incontinent’ made me laugh. i couldn’t put it better whilst remaining polite if i tried.

other gems emerging today include suggestions that despite owing £100,000’s to all and sundry on both sides of the atlantic this deluded simpleton retains a staff of twelve!

i hope they make sure to get their no doubt trivial stipends in cash for their own sake.

on a lighter note news attributed to insiders suggests that her state-of-mind is fragile: no shit sherlock!

let’s hope she doesn’t risk further psychological damage by trying to get a handle on what happens to other people who spend money they haven’t got while carelessly lacking the opportunity to hawk access to a minor royal.

pass me a bucket, this one’s overflowing.

May 24, 2010

sarah ferguson – a national embarrassment or a horses arse?

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have you ever had one of those times when two things merge into one so much that you can’t tell them apart?

as you can see i had one today when i read the latest about this pathetic, deluded mess; a legend in her own kitchen; where she has probably never been.

scummy, self-serving behaviour of this kind by morons who have no understanding of when they’re well-off has led to monarchies, and their heads, being removed in the not-too-distant past.

not that i’m suggesting that this brain-donor is part of the monarchy but there’s no doubt in my mind that shit rubs off.

sadly, even the deepest public opprobrium is unlikely to deter, or even penetrate the elephant hide of this of a grasping creature which over the last two decades has only further-stained the already tarnished reputation of britain’s royal family.

no offence intended obviously. bring on the tumbrils.

May 15, 2010

clarke back in government

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quite a surprise to see fatty clarke back in office after all these years.

as it happens i used to be one of his biggest fans till he joined the repellant tobacco industry. nobody with his track record and range of options could be hard-up enough to justify that on the grounds of needing the cash.

anyhow there he is again, back in the pound seats.

a word of advice clarky: suit and hush puppies was never great but this latest get-up takes the cake.

knee breeches, silk stockings and a bib? on a fat, 70 year old geezer? in 2010? get a grip man you look like a reject from an amateur gilbert and sullivan production.

none intended obviously and much luck in the job; you’ll need it. not that it will affect you either way.

June 4, 2009

brown bashing

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i’ve been absent again. go on, correct me! more! more!

but seriously ..ish i’ve been resisting all this brown bashing as much as i could. i mean, it’s so tempting it hurts, but it’s also what’s often described as “like shooting fish in a barrel”. where’s the achievement? it’s just too easy!

a less generous individual might say “never give a bum an even break”. for me though, this loser is worth less of my time and attention as every day passes. he spent his life yearning for this plum job and with characteristic aplomb, crow-barred it into his grasp just when it was turning to shit. but we’ve done this gargoyle to hell and and back.

much more interesting is surely gorgeous peter mandelson. you could stab this poppet through the heart with a graveyard-full of crosses every night of the week and he’d still fetch-up hale and hearty next morning assuring you that white, though possibly not entirely black is most certainly a deep charcoal grey.

and why wouldn’t you believe him? he’s had more come-backs than lazarus (mark lawrenson, match of the day, every week).

enough already, i’m off to the local elections count. i can’t wait.

May 12, 2009

brown sorry again

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what do you do in a case like gordon brown?

barely a month ago the whole country was trying to drag him from his lair and force him to utter the “s” word. like a recalcitrant schoolgirl he refused until the clamour became unbearable, finally letting it slip out on a building site when he thought nobody was listening.

how pathetic! ever more pathetic now however, having grasped the nettle he is leading the charge of insincere mea culpae over mp’s scummy expense claims like he’s suddenly discovered a new way of amassing brownie (see what i did there?) points. in his dreams!

sheep as a lamb, pretty boy: give us another grin!

catch you later sleaze funders. 😉