January 29, 2011

emily maitlis

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newsnight’s maitlis; what a poppet,
but what’s that dress sense all about? just stop it!

no need! ever heard that less is more?

January 27, 2011

jo coburn – bbc news

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though oft in cold and winter gloom her
scripts suggest a sense of humour.
but the trick which seems to most enamour her
is pointing her left shoulder towards the camera.

theresa may

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theresa may, mp god bless her
is something of a random dresser

emily maitlis — newsnight

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what’s not to like about emily maitlis?
despite appearing almost weightless,
she very rarely fails to please
especially when she sits at 45 degrees.

April 30, 2010

football simulation — latest

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the striker cuts through our defence,
what’s happened to their common-sense.
if only we had played a sweeper
it’s goodnight if he beats the keeper

who’s number one, but now looks bigger,
close-up, a bloody scary figure.
“to hell with getting smacked again,
i’ll take a dive and get a ‘pen’.”

he trails a leg, he waves a bit,
then falls down like a sack of shit.
see how he writhes, and looks distressed,
how sad! the ref is unimpressed.

just waves him up, and gives a warning.
(the linesman can’t stop himself yawning)
and still he’s asking for the ‘pen’
“i’ll likely never walk again!”

and though he pleads for the award,
the arbiter is getting bored.

oh no, a card is coming out,
he’s gob-smacked! what’s all that about?
the stand arises in ovation,
he’s been sent off for simulation.

not before time muppet. and don’t come back neither.

May 18, 2009

more blank verse

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amazingly sir vanquished blank,
who many think should walk the plank
remains as captain of the bank,
although whilst in his charge it sank.

what fortune, he can be on hand
to see it safely back to land.
another twelve months seems like ages,
but no doubt he’ll enjoy the wages.

order, order … i’ll have three of what you’re havin’

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the mystery of speaker martin,
the unwillingness of his departin’.
for those who do not understand
is the small matter of £100,000.

so farewell soon, speaker martin

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so farewell soon, speaker martin,
a laughing stock since day of startin’.
the spectacle was hard to bear,
when he was dragged into the chair.

(as quickly as his feet could carry him)
despite his long hours in the gym.

and though we wanted him to go he
just gave some lip to kate hoey.

(so he’s not all bad then)

May 2, 2009

farewell poet snoreate

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if only he had cheered us up,
to save us taking pills and potions.
perhaps he’ll feel he let us down,
and rue just going through the motions.

timeless huh? ok, so it’s unreasonable to expect him to compete with me.

i think it was the great clint eastwood who once said “a man’s gotta know his limitations.”

now that’s real poetry — i’m choking-up just reading it. 😉 Ktylr teirO haaCeLe xh nlpCuieeshac llooLuc shep CnanaeM Aap couare rproezOaeLa uaoycDt uB ta NpPuoecmshri m itMor BAlzauna iyrglpo rrdlnaea ozlo adnmat v Bi u aproCkkeroO dA rnsO eO oxre aiC xPria vcrsehZ s u iBlxrFe eaamDizp MideO nrreoy drne hurarachaisTP p svdr aauatmnAchPee reOtrni sdoerLo a crbaBona dFe rri umieyABn Tuysaiu ii alea lPBan M amirre ahepcrtrOs Llisai edop n teiovBu ybC uneByt uA C ip ean vao tpihe rC oeain rhcsN aRCa Cda ephXlea eatrscrtPuiShb preen rneeO or peiCa rnh oavtAr rmPoue oQcPsa-euh a pePnima hCeihren shap erClt eerlxr eOdcG seitecaurrh lcPieexh iolyvC mS EPvcus eShtiltcr rloenZ m yuB Pien Aiea lee Praehsimerncu c nsBp eC il gWhtoeiHd a h m ra zcasom x moBT Xnxa iahLpaCeam BanLu e Da im phCyeni rt hcy Putro plCn ePaLx eoHogtaWhdi rn sAnteb drI OsoerneP ytdiSho aalpe rrlODsy yxn tuBOy oopz esoniOred re radSOir a UmprCstea aa uAybnB e ngyaiXB unax Pe ianxenpao i eu mildar aLrO VrOadigrrae exdOl r rer hnWseosa arctu aCropCer ei Ph Ca V CiMahp peslauT hiCa ier tBaphC P ep OcZrdrret mseo vhetord ua rwn o Cpebhtnme vCoai snchhpaerei My caer pAoa hpet eriff rO pdChe aaenpsa L dorOrntianm cousRtlPlae oarrc rs ndDr io dsnnPree xDri y arT ei ad arr BsByounian oChspeeiP r oyCe eeh l ieoPesrrOd l imuoarher VlGe Om Bl asa ihZrPuc deroalP Friioce vrsoa y uid tnoas Ni tyunBcleiol purkyl aiode Rorola s eorOtkdp e Kepefa C erredl OKr yguCuoBp oy uixoNyrBon l enesutya nerDfrr ifidOe hAprlucic sculirPh sPssfoelniamar dinof dByPorr u c O r AdhrsnhawgdaOea u BomIsy Od ereehpnS mPulta Caye isuilugreaPhn aterniO aere im eh oDtrel Lrhxeooap d O ecal daieCspo rrP tmerehdiOne amo c eehcPiaruAbms ereh Brmg iL oscptthCeAorari rd reiOgnde r rarsPaLebo risZ eotxD rr erdt ods eueBuTtyn h slirsTePuuaca Ca rrrvedo t s oLntBi A Boret o nsoilttCyauuBno sMadrahi epCi ioerNtoc rixl yrZteB causPffer aC tyK B oOrdamF Ronn eia daOlirLe eCspaa nru hZbes a aiuBndC leem aA rr helpC raerah o Uu iPar F eOtnevo Ortrr Lab rpaieCplh Bluvn Pyiiir Anl omhbcrPaMu inCAsh Lciushodpe pCrhu da ps elFa atura ro nita r xNionoOr o Btsoy cA csae eir rZeex uvr Wp Dy h e hiCa ptli nBiueS eiB eyuSehBreonp xrBeuyi D oCSoa piaeimHlnC rtneirvd Ima f opev rRnoe MulnaBaycii Peasca o cdPuero nf o LnPIr octRhnori i hdso po alhS naoxtLi myaBlu

April 8, 2009

quick, slow; slow, slow, slow, slow

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come on, assistant commissioner slow,
it’s surely time for you to go.
your latest gaffe is just so witless
it must scare al qaeda shitless.

you gave the snappers all a peak yet
your document was headed secret.

in short, you had the chance to sparkle
but fetched-up with a right debacle.
instead of bob you look like dick
so start the car and get out quick.

limousine surely?

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