February 12, 2013

Findus ‘Beef Lasagne’ — Yum Yum — Stop horseing around

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What a turn-up! This cheap shit is full of cheap shit! Hold the front page.

Findus ‘beef lasagne’ – ‘find us’ in the freezer aisle – err knacker’s yard. Seconds anyone?

November 10, 2010

number 34 with prawn crackers

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and so to china where doubtless for the approval of uk and international audiences, prime minister david cameron raised the twin perennial bugbears, democracy and human rights during his trade visit to beijing, earlier today.

i understand that, consistent with the prc’s stock response whenever these matters are raised, the pm was given no assurances by either the chinese president or premier that any such reforms are under consideration, let alone Hu might take charge, or Wen they might begin.

okay, i know it’s childish, it’s just a bit of fun. 🙂

except for the poor buggers on the shit end of it.

in the interests of yourselves and all of the chinese people; be a mensch. 🙂

September 12, 2009

mg rover — phoenix consortium report

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well we all like a laugh, but the report on the demise of mg rover takes the cake on so many levels i barely know where to start.

first: this toothless piece of tat has cost the hard-pressed taxpayer £16 million and yet has failed to finger a single wrongdoer.

second: the most strident critic of the report, and its subjects is lord mandelson, a guiding light in moral probity and my very favourite arbiter of truth and goodness. and the best he can do is tell them he thinks they should apologise.

third: this third-rate bunch of spivs, under the gaze, nay with the assistance of the government achieved a feat usually reserved for the more-gifted though similarly morally-bankrupt operators known as asset strippers.

to strip assets on this scale from a company long-recognised by it’s german owners to be a vast liability is a feat which almost by definition suggests impropriety. (how much is a car company which you can buy for £10 and get a vast interest free loan to run it worth? come on; the clue’s in the question.)

so how do these maggots justify taking over £40 million out of it while it’s dying on it’s arse?

hilariously, throughout the day, national news channels have referred to mg rover as the uk’s last remaining volume car manufacturer, whilst assorted industry pundits have sought to justify this plundering by suggesting that these “rewards” were consistent with the industry norms.

in reality, by contrast with the world’s genuine volume car makers, decades of woeful mismanagement had left the group looking like something under a railway arch. depressing to say the least.

how fortunate then that we now have such genius at our disposal in the financial services sector that we need no longer concern ourselves with such grubby enterprises as making things that others want to buy.

“where you been boy? oh, down the job centre?” ‘yeah. all centre, no job! but they’ve got new chairs; and a yucca plant. oh, and uniforms. musta cost a fortune!’

“come across john towers or any of his lousy cronies down there? no, thought not.”

July 2, 2009

another glittering triumph for mandelson

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yes, always good value for money, peter, ‘scuse i, lord mandelson has done it again with the long-promised part-privatation of the royal mail.

in the teeth of bitter opposition from the rump of labour mps who still remember what socialism means our hero has assured us for months that the sell-off was a dead-cert.

well swipe me. out of the blue, the slippery little spinner now advises us that the essential sale is now off as he has found it impossible to negotiate a satisfactory price.

so, nothing to do with trying to appease the parliamentary labour party and keep the great leader in number 10 a bit longer then.

well obviously not!

bye for now pundits.

May 18, 2009

more blank verse

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amazingly sir vanquished blank,
who many think should walk the plank
remains as captain of the bank,
although whilst in his charge it sank.

what fortune, he can be on hand
to see it safely back to land.
another twelve months seems like ages,
but no doubt he’ll enjoy the wages.

March 31, 2009

fred badwin’s stinking pension pot — latest

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and that latest, according to former rbs group chairman tom mckillop is that myners, the goverment minister in charge of the debacle, despite his evidence to the contrary at the commons select committee, was indeed told the size of goodwin’s pension pot, and of the effect of his being given early retirement instead of the more appropriate summary firing.

swipe me, how shocking!

March 27, 2009

those recession credits in full

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candidly, just between you and me i’m getting a bit sick of this recession. so much so that, unaccustomed as i am to taking sides in an argument i think it’s about time to start handing out some blame.

but where to start? the field of potential targets is so broad and slow-moving it’s tempting to just pick-off the easiest first, so i will 🙂

okay then, let’s bag the bankers. back in the day a bank manager was as boring as a wet weekend in wigan. in fact boring was part of his job specification. (these days, what passes for a bank manager is almost certainly a sad, 25 watt, wet-behind-the-ears kid in an equally sad 100 watt suit, but these creatures are so far down the food chain that we’ve done ourselves a disservice even to have mentioned them).

no, the boys were interested in here are the savile row suited chief executives of banks, along with their fellow board members: those with reponsibility for setting strategy including lending policy and just as importantly the funding arrangements which will facilitate and support those lendings.

in simple terms, instead of referring to the tried-and-tested system which related bank lendings to their balance sheets and which had saved banks from their own stupidity for centuries, these flash idiots (1) lent money the didn’t have in vast quantities to people who (2) could not repay it. whoops, it’s all over!

of course between (1) and (2) there’s a period when everything looks just ginger-peachy which is when these grasping creatures bag their bonuses.

hang ’em up with piano wire. next?

ah yes, the fsa. a sloppy toothless dog of an outfit armed and ready with brown’s patent light-touch system of regulation.

a complete waste of time and space. shut it down and let them get proper jobs. next?

step-up the bank of england: what do they do for a living? neither do i! put ’em out to grass. next?

and finally, the government, who must without doubt shoulder the lions share of the blame for this ruinous debacle. don’t listen to what brown tells you about this mess. never mind it’s a global recession and an international banking crisis, though of course it is.

take my word for it, at the heart of the uk’s woes are years of slack banking policy characterized by an unwillingness to increase interest rates, which year-on-year fuelled consumer borrowing to deranged levels. and all for fear of scaring the horses, which was exactly what the horses needed for their own good.

in short, our banks have been permitted, some might therefore say tacitly encouraged to get away with lousy, casino-style lending/funding policies which would have had the proper bank manager i mentioned earlier rotating in his grave.

and what do you expect if you allow pigs unhindered access to the trough?

don’t forget that these years of unsustainable spiral accelerating to inevitable implosion were accompanied, day-in, day-out by brown’s smug “no return to boom and bust” mantra. so pathetic.

the fact that he knows all of the above and yet has the brass-neck to remain in his job says so much about brown i think i’ll just bugger-off and leave it at that. next?

let me see. oh dear, i appear to have run out of low-hanging fruit. still all good things etc; and they were yummy.

caio for now basket cases 😉

March 7, 2009

lloyds tsb – the other shoe has landed – in full

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March 6, 2009

lloyds tsb – the other shoe has landed – get your wallet out

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well don’t say i didn’t mark your card.

on the February 14, 2009 i mentioned that the lloyds-tsb takeover of the disgraced yet extraordinarily still in denial hbos

“entailed a sickening injection of taxpayers funds to push the deal through. those same taxpayers, not to mention lloyds-tsb shareholders have now found that aside of acquiring the most ludicrous, scrabbletastic collection of acronyms in corporate history, lloyds banking group has swallowed a poison pill of epic toxicity.”

i further recommended that you “don’t rule out it’s complete, not to say ignominious nationalisation in short order.”

well, as predicted, the other shoe, i mean the bill has landed. stand by your beds for a further taxpayer-backed asset (liability, surely) insurance arrangement to the tune of some £250 billion (count ’em). in return the hapless citizen (scuse i, shareholder) will receive an increased stake in the banking basket case.

my advice: stop trying to mask the scale of the horror by piecemeal bailout of this lame dog, at ever increasing cost to the taxpayer. nationalise it now!

March 4, 2009

itv — not making the grade

Filed under: business,doggerel,just whinging — anne thrope (miss) @ 12:48 pm

poor itv, it’s on the rack.
the wall is firmly to it’s back.
for so long it was in the black
but these days it ain’t making jack.

curtailing winners, like the bill
just leaves it with more hours to fill.
soon viewers could be close to nil,
just one-or-two old dears in rhyl.

thought that was bad? it’s getting worse.
i’m gonna do another verse.

no sign of any blue sky thinking
with balance sheet and punters shrinking.
just to exacerbate the trough
the advertisers buggered-off.

quite simply for the last decade
it’s programmes haven’t made the grade.

see what i did there? grade .. ha-ha.

ceegar son?

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