April 13, 2010

elliot morley et al

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i note with suitable disgust that gorgeous, pouting elliot morley, quondam mp for scunthorpe, and his vile co-religionists have been granted legal aid to defend themselves against the indefensible.

if a picture of morley (to the best of my knowledge the only mp whose constituency name includes a description of themself) is not enough to make the hard-pressed taxpayer puke, this surely will.

we can only look forward to the day they are sent down for the stretches they so richly deserve, and, i trust, are obliged to disgorge these (further ill-gotten) public funds.

(if guilty, obviously. none intended, obviously)

giv’em the rope πŸ˜‰

December 14, 2009

silvio hurlesconi

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on a lighter note, i see that one of the few discerning members of the italian general public has seen fit to gob his fearless and irreproachable duce in the mouth with a die cast model of milan cathedral.

despite reports that the attacker is a nutter i cannot but heartily congratulate him on his choice of both target and missile.

Strictly Come Cat Arse

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i’m almost ashamed to be writing about this but last night’s semi-final of the bbc’s strictly come dancing took the piss a bit too far. or rather it’s simpering female audience did.

the public’s elimination of talented, elegant, leggy bill-actress ali bastion in favour of some cheruplegic sports monkey made my normally tepid blood boil. (well it warmed-up a bit)

i would have spat the dummy if my minders had not dipped it in special brew.

to be honesht i have not been sho angry shince the lasht time they forgot to dip my dummy in shpecial brew.

mine’sh a pint.

July 22, 2009

england crush aussies – 2nd ashes test

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what is it with this poxy england test side? they amass a huge lead and foolishly fail to enforce the follow-on. what the hell’s that about?

oh but they go on and arse this lack-lustre opposition from down-under. down-and-out more like.

bring’em on for the third test! where’s your bowlers you bunch of girls? left ’em all back in ramsey street? easy street more like. πŸ˜‰

ship out diggers, the dingoes are pissin’ on your swag.

(none intended, obviously)


July 16, 2009

freddie flintoff retirement shock

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well, swipe me, that’s one out of the blue!

could somerrdy point me tooow the bar twenty20 wages?

ayythankyoo. πŸ˜‰

July 2, 2009

another glittering triumph for mandelson

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yes, always good value for money, peter, ‘scuse i, lord mandelson has done it again with the long-promised part-privatation of the royal mail.

in the teeth of bitter opposition from the rump of labour mps who still remember what socialism means our hero has assured us for months that the sell-off was a dead-cert.

well swipe me. out of the blue, the slippery little spinner now advises us that the essential sale is now off as he has found it impossible to negotiate a satisfactory price.

so, nothing to do with trying to appease the parliamentary labour party and keep the great leader in number 10 a bit longer then.

well obviously not!

bye for now pundits.

May 19, 2009

and finally … esther rantzen mp?

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esther rantzen mp?

give us a break! don’t you think it’s bad enough already?

martin bell was alright, if you like that sort of thing, but really a bit of a stunt.

esther rantzen would be a stunt too far.

kindest regards,

cyril fletcher πŸ˜‰

April 14, 2009

sorry seems to be the hardest word

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ever the moderniser, our revered and trusted leader has shown us the pathway out of the darkness, into the light, imperiously casting aside the hackneyed, variously ascribed mantra “never apologise, never explain” in favour of the timeless self-penned “never apologise, never apologise”.

a stroke of genius, it must be said, in particular by the 100 plus labour mp s who are now more certainly than ever, less than twelve grubbily-inflated pay packets away from a well-deserved p45.

if i were a foul-mouthed australian my advice to brown would be “pull out, digger, the dogs are pissing on your swag”.

but i’m not, so i apologise. but i’m not sorry. πŸ˜‰

April 4, 2009

john prescott and the goodyear blimp

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i’m indebted to mr brian teasmaid of cleethorpes who last week sent me a photograph of former cabinet minister john prescott dressed as the goodyear blimp.

sadly, due to copyright restrictions i am unable to publish the snap but don’t worry, he just looked his normal self.

toodle pip gourmets.

March 31, 2009

fred badwin’s stinking pension pot — latest

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and that latest, according to former rbs group chairman tom mckillop is that myners, the goverment minister in charge of the debacle, despite his evidence to the contrary at the commons select committee, was indeed told the size of goodwin’s pension pot, and of the effect of his being given early retirement instead of the more appropriate summary firing.

swipe me, how shocking!

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