March 26, 2012

Nose-bag at number 10

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so dave and sam invited a few well-heeled philanthropes for pizza and pinot grigio in their swish downing street living quarters to show their appreciation for helping him to nearly win an election which frankly should have been an open goal anyway.

swipe me, what a turn-up! i’d have been more surprised if he hadn’t invited them: it’d be rude not to, surely? anyway he wants another crack in 2015 doesn’t he?

no the story here is twofold.

firstly, the hapless bookie who was filmed trying to flog access to our charismatic leader. forgive my inadequate paraphrase, but if i recall his pitch was along the lines of “form an orderly queue here and don’t even bother unless you’re seriously well-wedged and don’t mind parting with plenty of it sharpish”. how charming.

how could an individual of such unfeasible acumen and experience do something so stupid? i really have only two printable words for him: stephen byers. oh go on then two more: sarah ferguson. give me strength.

second, and more importantly, the matter of cameron’s judgement. an early bad sign was the appointment of “andy” coulson. personally i would never put anybody who styled himself “andy” in preference to an adult name in charge of anything more important than the prime ministerial lavatory paper, even if i’d been sad enough to style myself “dave”.

and what about emma harrison, his “families tsar”. never mind the missed targets, feel the £8.6m dividend.

grow-up man! it’s all so tacky and embarrassing. there, feed that through to the no 10 policy unit.

oh, while i’m here, i found myself wondering, long overdue i admit, whether sam and dave like to cut a rug at their select soirees? and if so do they like good music?

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