January 29, 2011

emily maitlis

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newsnight’s maitlis; what a poppet,
but what’s that dress sense all about? just stop it!

no need! ever heard that less is more?

January 27, 2011

jo coburn – bbc news

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though oft in cold and winter gloom her
scripts suggest a sense of humour.
but the trick which seems to most enamour her
is pointing her left shoulder towards the camera.

poor brian paddick

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what a shame for brian paddick, less charisma than a haddick.

theresa may

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theresa may, mp god bless her
is something of a random dresser

emily maitlis — newsnight

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what’s not to like about emily maitlis?
despite appearing almost weightless,
she very rarely fails to please
especially when she sits at 45 degrees.