May 25, 2010

financially incontinent fergie

Filed under: just whinging,sap of the month,the bleedin' obvious — anne thrope (miss) @ 2:12 am

hearing sarah ferguson described this evening as ‘financially incontinent’ made me laugh. i couldn’t put it better whilst remaining polite if i tried.

other gems emerging today include suggestions that despite owing £100,000’s to all and sundry on both sides of the atlantic this deluded simpleton retains a staff of twelve!

i hope they make sure to get their no doubt trivial stipends in cash for their own sake.

on a lighter note news attributed to insiders suggests that her state-of-mind is fragile: no shit sherlock!

let’s hope she doesn’t risk further psychological damage by trying to get a handle on what happens to other people who spend money they haven’t got while carelessly lacking the opportunity to hawk access to a minor royal.

pass me a bucket, this one’s overflowing.

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