July 22, 2009

england crush aussies – 2nd ashes test

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what is it with this poxy england test side? they amass a huge lead and foolishly fail to enforce the follow-on. what the hell’s that about?

oh but they go on and arse this lack-lustre opposition from down-under. down-and-out more like.

bring’em on for the third test! where’s your bowlers you bunch of girls? left ’em all back in ramsey street? easy street more like. πŸ˜‰

ship out diggers, the dingoes are pissin’ on your swag.

(none intended, obviously)


July 16, 2009

freddie flintoff retirement shock

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well, swipe me, that’s one out of the blue!

could somerrdy point me tooow the bar twenty20 wages?

ayythankyoo. πŸ˜‰

July 13, 2009

england battle to a glorious draw

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yes, in an extraordinary turnaround our heroic test cricketers defied the pundits’ direst prognostications to salvage a magnificent draw in the first ashes test at cardiff.

after another series of dismal performances by the top order batsmen who should have dug-in and batted out the final day, defeat seemed only a formality: a matter of time.

but just when all seemed lost, step-in paul collingwood, never a favorite of mine but here displaying a dogged unwillingness to get out; an object lesson from which many of the ‘higher order’ batsmen could learn a thing or two.

in addition to his all-important occupation of the crease england’s number 4 amassed 74 invaluable runs before succumbing to an uncharacteristically rash shot.

his departure, surely the death-knell for the beleaguered englishmen brought to the crease renowned non-batsman monty ‘hit-it?-i’ll-be-lucky-to-see-it’ panesar.

but, stand by your beds! a star is born. to the amazement of onlookers, with only the minimum of assistance from number ten james anderson, our match-saving secret weapon poked and prodded his team to the glorious draw that nobody, even your esteemed correspondent had dared to hope for.

(kevin pietersen look and learn! sure you’re brilliant, no question but why are you so often just crap? pull your finger out.)

hooray. (refer to my previous post for this thursdays team selection: nobody can defy gravity indefinitely πŸ˜‰

July 12, 2009

get a chance against the aussies — pour-it-on

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while many commmentators have been pilloried for their criticism of kevin pietersen’s dismissal in the first innings at cardiff, i agree with them.

in fact, as i said last time “get a chance against the aussies you better pour-it-on”.

well we did (get a chance), and we didn’t (pour-it-on).

and the result of this failure is surely crystal-clear for all to see! the australians, by contrast, never miss an opportunity to exploit weakness, and therein lies the difference between us. these tiresome colonials show a streak of stickability a mile wide.

they aren’t just moderately interested in the idea of winning should the opportunity be kind enough to present itself: they go out onto the park with a determination to make it happen.

or perhaps that should be “bloody-well make it happen”. yes, i think it should.

and that’s why they’re walking all over us in this first test. realistically we probably need rain to come to our rescue. at the risk of sounding unpatriotic we don’t deserve it.

so lift your game. find some stickability and bat-out however much of three sessions you have to.

oh, and recall harmison for the second test. we badly need a somebody who can bowl plenty of overs and put a bit of fear into these upstarts.

kind regards, an englishman.

July 10, 2009

the biter bit

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in a world of filthy greed, vaulting ambition and human frailty it’s never a surprise when the biter gets bit.

and so it is that after weeks (or was it months) of revelations of the disgraceful house of commons ‘expenses’ culture by the telegraph, the spotlight now turns on the lousy world of journalism over claims of wholesale illegal phone tapping by news international ‘reporters’.

as they used to say in old money: ‘people in glass houses should get out of the kitchen’.

paradoxically, almost before this story is out-of-the-blocks it backlashes into politics due to cameron’s ill-advised choice of press guru, andy coulson, the man who knew nothing about these offences but purely out of a sense of honour, resigned anyway, before he could be questioned on the matter.

sweet dreams, david. (i know: you’re relaxed already).

bring out the tumbrills, again. (if wet, in the church hall)

July 9, 2009

1st ashes test — day two

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anybody unconvinced by my previous post could do worse than taking a look at the state of play at the end of day two.

sure the england tail wagged and a decent first innings total was posted but the australians still find themselves with an impressive closing total of 249 for the loss of just one wicket.

as i said yesterday, if you get a chance against the aussies you better pour-it-on or they will most surely come back a bite your arse.

nighty-night cobbers. πŸ˜‰

kevin pietersen – another cock-up

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although he survived a stick-on lbw let-off, pietersen made a creditable 69 in the first innings of the opening test of the much-trumpeted ashes test series at cardiff; no really, cardiff πŸ˜‰

so why, after such good fortune did he play that rotten sweep shot, committing so early that he invited the bowler to stuff him? the bowler duly obliged and our hero was caught off his helmet sweeping a delivery so wide of off stump that even my granny would have left it alone!

worse was to come in the post-match interview when the great man assured us that he had no regrets about the shot and would do it all over again, given the chance, which he no doubt will be, and no doubt will!

of course he’s our top weapon. i just wish he could learn little humility, but to be honest i’d settle for him just leaving those stupid shots alone, especially if he’s going to give everyone, in particular the bowler so much advance warning.

he has the natural talent to bat most teams of the park playing proper cricket shots.

why is this so important; after all he did make a decent score? yes of course he did. but look at it from the australians’ point of view. they got away with a headache whe they could have had a bloody nose.

enough already!

obama at the g8

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the recurring theme among g8 publicity clips is of the great one (primus inter pares – of course) patting the backs of his co-religionists like some benign uncle. what’s that about then?

well, he’s on the opening leg and hoping that progress will be eased if he ingratiates himself with each of these transient irritants he has decided to do just that, by convincing them on-by-one that they’re his special friend. heart-warming and inconspicuous all at the same time. πŸ˜‰

who was it who said that “the secret of politics is sincerity. if you can fake that you’ve cracked it!”?

i don’t remember, but whoever it was, i’m with them.

cheeribye poppets.

July 7, 2009

obama in moscow

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so obama delivers his motherhood-and-apple-pie speech to russia’s future movers and shakers and receives a warmly appreciative response.

which it must be said is more than he got from it’s current leaders. though to be fair, at least medvedev made an effort at looking friendly.

putin by contrast wore the just-seen-my-arse-again-and-didn’t-like-the-look-of-it expression so beloved by soviet gerontocrats of old.

perhaps he was just confused by referrals to medvedev as mr. president.

do svidaniya baboushka!

July 2, 2009

another glittering triumph for mandelson

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yes, always good value for money, peter, ‘scuse i, lord mandelson has done it again with the long-promised part-privatation of the royal mail.

in the teeth of bitter opposition from the rump of labour mps who still remember what socialism means our hero has assured us for months that the sell-off was a dead-cert.

well swipe me. out of the blue, the slippery little spinner now advises us that the essential sale is now off as he has found it impossible to negotiate a satisfactory price.

so, nothing to do with trying to appease the parliamentary labour party and keep the great leader in number 10 a bit longer then.

well obviously not!

bye for now pundits.