April 30, 2009

swine flu — adding insult to injury

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just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, step up swine flu. pity the poor folks of mexico. already an economic basket-case (yes even worse than the uk). what the hell next?

but what about all these bloody face masks? what’s all that about then? these are useful only to the kind of muppets who insist on using over-the-counter medical treatments that stink or are a stupid colour when perfectly effective alternative odorless, colourless treatments are readily available.

or wallies who prat around cutting sticking plaster and lint to size instead of using a ready-made plaster which would be much quicker and easier. for instance if it’s a brain injury there are really small ones in the pack. in short, jar-heads who like to make a drama out of a crisis.

better still just stick your finger over the cut till it stops bleeding and get on with your life.

still it’s an ill wind which blows nobody any good and perhaps this fillip to the face mask and retrovirals manufacturers will be the key to re-starting the ailing world economy.

or not as the case may be. 😉

kicking and screaming

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ok i’m back, just in time to squeeze the last drop of piss out of brown before we leave behind the unremitting torments of april and move on to the sunny uplands of may.

it’s been a month, nay a year of humiliation for the government in general, and brown in particular and even today we shall see him dragged by mps, including many from his own side, kicking and screaming into changing/deferring/scrapping his ill-thought-out “plans” (haw-haw) to reform their expenses.

to be more accurate, which is frankly rather difficult in the circumstances, having dreamed up his ludicrous proposals on the back of the proverbial fag packet, then refused like a recalcitrant child to swallow the inevitable u-turn in the face of widespread derision, today, a rapt commons will be treated to harriet harperson performing procedural contortions of such epic stupidity that even brown might realise it. or more likely not.

as hey say “you couldn’t make it up!” and even if you could, you wouldn’t.

April 14, 2009

sorry seems to be the hardest word

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ever the moderniser, our revered and trusted leader has shown us the pathway out of the darkness, into the light, imperiously casting aside the hackneyed, variously ascribed mantra “never apologise, never explain” in favour of the timeless self-penned “never apologise, never apologise”.

a stroke of genius, it must be said, in particular by the 100 plus labour mp s who are now more certainly than ever, less than twelve grubbily-inflated pay packets away from a well-deserved p45.

if i were a foul-mouthed australian my advice to brown would be “pull out, digger, the dogs are pissing on your swag”.

but i’m not, so i apologise. but i’m not sorry. 😉

April 12, 2009

juvenile and inappropriate

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gordon brown, on the emails sent by his strategist damian mcbride, said to include unsubstantiated slurs on david cameron and george osborne, among others.

keen as he is to trumpet his own personal decency, this childish activity, carried out at the taxpayers’ expense while the country quietly goes to hell on every front is yet another wake-up call for brown, who is fortunate that mcbride has now resigned. i trust that his choice of a successor, however unnecessary yet inevitable, will be better advised.

the most favorable interpretation of this kind of activity is that it is rooted in a desperation to cling on to power at whatever cost.

nonetheless, such unwarranted personal attacks are completely out of order in 21st century politics especially by some piggy-eyed creature with a face like a ripe fois gras. oops!

April 9, 2009

quick steps down

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so the metropolitan police’s assistant commissioner bob quick has, to his credit,(mp s take note) fallen on his sword in the wake of his extraordinary secrets giveaway.

the idea that he was unaware of this possibility in a downing street crammed with eager snappers is unnerving. of course anybody can make a mistake but this crass, schoolboy cock-up coming so soon after the hilarious damian green arrest debacle really left him with no choice.

so mr quick will no doubt be looking for alternative employment, no easy task at the age of 48 in the depths of a recession. fortunately he has his wife to turn to.

so cheer-up quickie! with plenty of experience in uniform and a clean driving licence you should be able to pick-up some part-time to tide you over. 😉 seagraOhrnE ptnh na r iem Zype xamoTap vleo pamBhC roaReCN p Car Zsre a yrlKi nOxa sx Pecr ouQinT e rDrctdvre elK uaay BrmyAau ylbaotMum ncAuceauh re o mid aghC l p yBrVa unemiu xrt moictueZhh r eerAdrd pi PurmByi u nune pCth alaUrctuePm s aicrtsxeahP hrn yd ao erlOft nC oee im aa rde OrCaii als urPnZrc CBo uy cemare u oeaBLmyzr pa Chr lBriyzNauo B vecOEraederr an a soc d i ymunS ure lae knRua Csx aB nlP iedxA eroBd aopsoeCrri atusshrPv cmPylru aarhA nyu afc sheiuPln ealM lxaeuS Cea Tsuhpeal a emOa haCMeclpcan i zpha NC vdaO rlE sooesrrL x r a f PcearspCihruo uA hn Ps nyoCe Mvce Sxa tyrlu mh Peyohds peaAaoCh p afhoCeaD rC ardn f elaBu diaq Ler th apareC Cienr tdha rard AO heuldyorcroi HdB eiD tS CLA aivu uLy oO eonA Dlr ha Coctr ana krr l iC he OerA tda rCnx eOarVr Pss rnhhsPuca uSrc lhaesai rmldSueA iOrr Bry proueos ryStoidhn Go eni-Lmyint rus ro aaoPl hdanh sPusacAr viucsP raarhoZxe huscroLPxerepa Or k ooLx une yung iai ivan uD selo c aieHaocupmcz rs y au ekCaolL hpu aCCesexodpa D poanuB er t noAhtsaecPervr ut mo O grride amuPp H uryazay oueDlB yxnidDiB rhdizuPeafuieln nrohi ZeCaapetbh arenrrc eaPecilh aiiC uCpla sCe oriaeb c vNrc eO alierpOsrHmi ctaexirons eCb si raeai need ru pehPueCa e sucaa FaPh ircraep ohCT acPaer eClEi icer ash hdRe Orrtoonicr d ar a ChmTroapx Vci p Ash otnMir rpkoCankoly ea uaeglCa y etn i Tailrhap eCno mi zoan terScN h lee inh emrFr s yarBc ix eo lBVno q aui C pCa eilhapTahr eFr il u drnRgeao O slo potr uea iair rau aeihhnec msnurPeiPtr aixBi ar itO e hpaD acr ycuBc CaiByl atZ ierB drmizCe B raednerOmpS rytaL txhiZr dr rburnTie-OQo l Bnun Ce hyotCeapt -Psia uhQnb Cpsaeu r roc m faC Crxea eZpyah aAe liudtOmr rie i edil ratY Sa udi coas cnidPhci g ip anhSCp ev anpa idPrerrr O o n t euL abMHrx xal rnvD yuB Siltn liluesPrc rd psaai Ors drePaor aoaRnubn Bmyti aesacerrmFPh Ca rIu yB R idOrque cupAclir r Cpteb PcimeuulSyAs rahr odlrneiD Npho opeCai r nitosCha Atan B noisdr xPMnc uasae eh LCaaarmi uC CGpahe lacne aDshzraouP rOdV t Pyii ucdlot aeyBAn psaodpoaCroleir C uBndor aucWsthna Pso ce oee p heago arnkeL Zv rlxl vaEepCa erec rheucae ia aixPlCehp d nani h ypon uty aMmpChbtae ulo erdrexdi rAmOi laiitn xPo sDxeit raldr nr Mrotr drniOe

April 8, 2009

quick, slow; slow, slow, slow, slow

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come on, assistant commissioner slow,
it’s surely time for you to go.
your latest gaffe is just so witless
it must scare al qaeda shitless.

you gave the snappers all a peak yet
your document was headed secret.

in short, you had the chance to sparkle
but fetched-up with a right debacle.
instead of bob you look like dick
so start the car and get out quick.

limousine surely?

April 5, 2009

the apprentice returns

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so ‘the apprentice’ returns to bbc tv perhaps for a series to far.

the candidates are the usual bunch of of up-themselves young gits and it’s a treat each year to watch them show the holes in their smug arses to an audience of millions, whilst speculating as to which will meet with most displeasure each week. obviously they deserve all the humiliation they get.

this week a baby-faced butty tycoon met his chicken marengo waterloo in the boardroom having, hilariously, failed at his own job. brilliant! extraordinary that even he could lose to an ‘award-winning restaurateur’ whose food i would not have offered to my pet pig. (alright; if i had one. don’t start)

but what’s this change i detect in the sucrose one? could it be that having exhausted his meagre repertoire of native ribaldry, some sap has been tasked to script gags for the business guru? is the great man, heaven forfend, scripting his own?

either way they ain’t working. sir al may have made a few quid but a stand-up, he ain’t.

take my advice, big-boy, “bang-bang and off”. ooh, missis, where’s me washboard?

hoon: noun definition: a lout or hooligan

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i’ve given myself a headache.

i was trying to think of a single word for a senior member of a government, already in receipt of a handsome salary for doing next to bugger-all, and living rent-free in a whitehall apartment, claiming an allowance for a home in his constituency, while letting out his london flat to a private tenant. you know, a fine example of democratic socialism in action!

in my ignorance the best i could come up with was ‘hoon’.

now as all dedicated neighbours viewers will know, ‘hoon’ is a word used predominantly in australia and means roughly ‘a lout or hooligan’. so obviously it’s not really close enough. i’d have preferred something that meant more like shameless, greedy pig, but you get my drift.

but what are you moaning about? it’s all within the rules.

well, maybe it is. but if you stop and think about it, honestly, is it decent (decent: adj. definition: respectable; worthy) or is it putrid (putrid: adj. definition: foul-smelling; rotten)? you choose.

by the way, how many other areas of life can you name where the pigs are free to set the depth and abundance of their own trough? (alright then, other than bankers: we’ve done bankers). in your own time!

excuse me while i empty my sickbag.

April 4, 2009

john prescott and the goodyear blimp

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i’m indebted to mr brian teasmaid of cleethorpes who last week sent me a photograph of former cabinet minister john prescott dressed as the goodyear blimp.

sadly, due to copyright restrictions i am unable to publish the snap but don’t worry, he just looked his normal self.

toodle pip gourmets.

a presidential progress — if it’s sunday it must be prague

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so the all-conquering barack hussein obama continues his ground-breaking journey through europe.

the epic, several-day, ‘first non-white president of the usa tour’ has already played to packed arenas in london (g20 leg) and strasbourg (nato arm) and now the caravan moves on to the czech republic, prague to be precise where all has not been well recently, with lame duck prime minister mirek topolanek fiercely critical of US economic recovery plans. (doubtless the ever vigilant cia will be keeping obama away from the windows for fear he might topple neck first out of one)

one cannot help feeling that by the time the EU summit gets underway, many of our revered leaders will probably be sick of the sight and sound of each other. (everybody will be sick of silvio berlusconi, obviously)

but what the hell? another day, another junket; it could be worse. more champoo anyone? yeah, make mine a pint.

bye for now suckers.

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