March 27, 2009

indian premier league — in south africa — bizarre

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so the much-heralded indian premier league cricket is to held in south africa this year: well the idea has at least the merit of novelty!

but whatever your view of the ipl it’s a sad state of affairs that it has to be relocated lock, stock and barrel to another country because the indian authorities cannot guarantee the security of the players, presumably in light of the sickening recent attack on sri lankan cricketers in lahore.

even for the relocated events the organisers are said to be urgently sourcing some 80 bullet-proof vehicles.

england, the first alternative option due to it’s superior facilities, was it seems, ruled out on account of the unreliability of the spring weather.

but the decision having been made to go to south africa, the question remains, can the event be successful there? it’s surely impossible to replicate the fanatical support for cricket which exists in the indian sub-continent.

to expect local south african audiences to turn-out in sufficient numbers for some 59 matches in quick succession is indeed a tall order.

but the die is cast and i for one will shed no tears particularly on account of the highly-dubious betting elements who seem to be in close attendance to much of cricket these days.

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