February 6, 2009

tv cookery … don’t try this at home

Filed under: just whinging,tv — anne thrope (miss) @ 11:12 am

wall-to-wall cooking shows on tv … what’s that about then?

still watching tv programs about decorating (wrecking your house), antiques (flogging-off your old tat), gardening (covering every square inch of your garden in hardware to avoid the inconvenience of plants)?

where you been boy? they’re all so passe. cooking is the new black. it’s the way forward. in fact it’s the way backwards and sideways as well. you can’t avoid cooking on tv whichever way you look!

yes, cookery programs, not unlike their predecessors mentioned earlier make classic edutainment: look and learn and copy. such a pity then that so much news and current affairs output on the same channels (when they can fit some in between the cooking shows) is devoted to reporting the dire state of nutrition in the uk, and in the western world in general.

sadly all this culinary gymnastics is almost entirely a spectator sport: amusing background entertainment; something to break the silence while the microwave prepares today’s tasty treat or pass-on half an hour till the chinese takeaway or pizzas arrive.

how depressing. pull your fingers out and get some cooking done!

‘ping’ oops, must go, don’t want it going cold! 😉

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