January 30, 2009

a trans-atlantic trinket

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ok so where was i? ah yes the wife’s birthday.

a couple of weeks ago i happened upon the misguided notion of buying the wife a present for her fast-approaching birthday, not that she really deserves one, her resting-state being somewhere in that twilight-zone between morose disinterest and abject ingratitude.

(i’m not actually sure how old she is … she keeps her birth certificate under lock-and-key as she says it’s the only proof that she was in fact born, and not quarried). (more…)

Back in the saddle

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so here we are again after another long, inexcusable absence. ok i said it “i’m sorry, ok, get over it”. if you must know i’ve been (suit yourself)

1. otherwise engaged
2. unavoidably detained
3. bone idle.

for the last few months

actually i’ve been taking time off to have a baby. no that’s a lie, i’m not even a girl 😉

look can we just forget about the made-up excuses and get back to taking the piss out of people we know little or nothing about? you know it makes sense.