April 15, 2007

natasha bedingfield

Filed under: pop — anne thrope (miss) @ 7:39 pm

well there’s some unmitigated drivel in the pop charts on both sides of the pond but just jack? his first single was bad beyond belief but the follow-up takes the cake. just crap, more like.

and if that wasn’t bad enough back comes natasha bedingfield! what’s all that about then? if musicians were cabbages this woman would be a brussels sprout 😉 there was some abject garbage on the earlier album but the current single offering takes crassness to a previously undiscovered level.

as if the pitiful excuse for a melody was not bad enough, let’s look at a typical lyric: “i’m in big, big, big, big ocean”. timeless! it says it all. or to be more precise, nothing at all!

bring back brother daniel, who, by contrast can craft and deliver a quality tune with very acceptable lyrics.

music: you either got it or you ain’t. 😉

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