April 14, 2007

al gore

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i’m indebted to al gore, who i’m led to believe invented the interweb (some mistake surely?) by chance i’m having tea and cakes with sir tim berners-lee this afternoon so i’ll check with him or perhaps i’ll consult wikipedia for the definitive answer when i have a moment 😉

but i digress. mr gore has kindly introduced america, kicking-and-screaming, to the cutting-edge concept of global warming. what’s all that about then?

well, surprisingly, several of us had already heard about this, and although the phenomenon is undeniable, at the risk of appearing contrary i would suggest that the contribution of burning fossil fuels to the warming, or at the very least the extent of that contribution, remains unproven.

not that i’m a sceptic 😉 but if anyone cares to bring me incontrovertible evidence by midday gmt tomorrow i will be pleased to eat my cat (raw).

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