April 18, 2007

english one day cricket

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english one day cricket. what’s all that about then. i’ll tell you what; it’s a bloody national embarrassment, that’s what! (more…)

April 15, 2007

natasha bedingfield

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well there’s some unmitigated drivel in the pop charts on both sides of the pond but just jack? his first single was bad beyond belief but the follow-up takes the cake. just crap, more like.

and if that wasn’t bad enough back comes natasha bedingfield! what’s all that about then? if musicians were cabbages this woman would be a brussels sprout 😉 there was some abject garbage on the earlier album but the current single offering takes crassness to a previously undiscovered level.

as if the pitiful excuse for a melody was not bad enough, let’s look at a typical lyric: “i’m in big, big, big, big ocean”. timeless! it says it all. or to be more precise, nothing at all!

bring back brother daniel, who, by contrast can craft and deliver a quality tune with very acceptable lyrics.

music: you either got it or you ain’t. 😉

April 14, 2007

george bush

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george w bush. what’s all that about then? while i’m here a cuddly toy for anybody who knows what the “w” stands for. you’re saying “walker”? well you’re very close but sadly no cigar 😉

anyhow i hear with interest today of the first face-to-face discussions between bush and british prime minister elect(?) gorgeous, genial gordon brown. what a meeting of minds that must have been.

when my cat is embarrassed it washes it’s leg. i’m licking mine now just thinking about that meeting.

much less amusing i hear that us troops tours-of-duty in iraq are being extended from 12 to 15 months. their applause at the news must have drowned the sound of bombs and gunfire in baghdad. seriously, a sick situation getting worse.

al gore

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i’m indebted to al gore, who i’m led to believe invented the interweb (some mistake surely?) by chance i’m having tea and cakes with sir tim berners-lee this afternoon so i’ll check with him or perhaps i’ll consult wikipedia for the definitive answer when i have a moment 😉

but i digress. mr gore has kindly introduced america, kicking-and-screaming, to the cutting-edge concept of global warming. what’s all that about then?

well, surprisingly, several of us had already heard about this, and although the phenomenon is undeniable, at the risk of appearing contrary i would suggest that the contribution of burning fossil fuels to the warming, or at the very least the extent of that contribution, remains unproven.

not that i’m a sceptic 😉 but if anyone cares to bring me incontrovertible evidence by midday gmt tomorrow i will be pleased to eat my cat (raw).

April 13, 2007

capitalisation etc

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just by the way, especially for you nosebleeds out there, capitalisation; what’s all that about then? that first post was the last post you’ll see on here with any capitalisation. frankly, though i understand the need for punctuation i just can’t be arsed with the shift key1

don’t get it/ see me afterwards.

ok, i might make exceptions for  ! ? and such. or not. can you stand the tension? enough already.

April 12, 2007

Hello world!

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Welcome to I know what you’re saying: “what’s all that about then?” Well I like to call it the ascerbic musings of a sick mind, but you can call it whatever you like 😉

Speaking of which, Britney Spears and her new hairstyle!  What’s all that about then? OK so i’m the last person to mention it.  I only started my blog today muppet! This is just a test insult. Anyway, wigtastic! Though personally I preferred her old style, when she was bald. cueballtastic 😉Britney wigtastic