September 23, 2011

einstein a-gone-gone

Filed under: just whinging — anne thrope (miss) @ 1:59 am

E=mc² ? get a bloody grip man.

despite my unimpeachable scientific credentials i have long resisted the temptation to expose this so-called “Special theory of Relativity” as the ill-thought-out tarradiddle it really is.

finally, it seems, the intellectual elite demands no less and reluctantly i oblige.

it seems that a few jonny-come-latelys at cern are finally getting the picture. big al screwed-up large-time and got it all badly wrong!

some, even some better qualified than i, perish the thought, have been heard to suggest that e might in fact be more likely to equal the cube root of my auntie maggie’s cat’s arse.

not so special now is it, big boy? anyhow, nobody likes a smart-arse. oh, and get a hair cut.

every day’s a schoolday. 😉

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