May 24, 2010

field of labour leadership candidates broadens; a bit more

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without apologies for absence (if you’re expecting that you’re in the wrong place. get over it muppet) i feel it my duty to comment on the latest bout of giddy excitement sweeping the country as the now extended field of entrants for the labour leadership stakes is transformed from two male, middle-aged, middle-class new-labour insiders to a jaw-dropping four male, middle-aged, middle-class new-labour insiders.

the much-trailed announcements of second-tranche candidates ed balls and andy burnham joining the fun heightened the tension to almost coma-pitch. to be fair they serve also to dilute the contest’s hitherto concentrated milibandness.

what a relief however when, out of the blue, late-night tv pundit and unapologetic piano forte virtuoso diane abbott stepped from the shadows to throw the whole predictable procession to ed miliband’s long-awaited succession into turmoil.

(just kidding: abbott has only two chances in the race; slim or none. and like the man said; slim just left town 😉

which in reality leaves us waiting breathlessly for a full four months till ‘ensign miliband’ is given ‘the con’.

‘mr (insert random shadow cabinet minister’s name) plot a course for a ball-achingly long stint in opposition.’

aye aye captain.

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