May 14, 2010

labour leadership race runner and rider

Filed under: just whinging — anne thrope (miss) @ 9:23 am

yes, with the body of the dear departed leader still warm, the usual suspect gavin millipede has already shown his hand … err foot … whatever.

is leadership contender his middle name? he certainly seems to be first on the plot whenever the subject of succession rears it’s ugly head. anyway he’s surged to the front already: admittedly in a field of one. hasn’t he heard that the favorite never wins? probably. is it his fault if he’s the favourite? probably not.

so who’s going to give him a run for his money? brother ed … likely; ed balls … ready and waiting; andy burnham … a good punt; harriet harperson … probably; alan johnson … apparently not; alistair darling … surely not; jon cruddas … no hope; yvette cooper … don’t be silly; jack straw … refused at the first; peter mandelson … haaw-haaw-haaw.

does the gp give a stuff? almost certainly not. most have had more than enough of elections to last them a while.

but for political junkies this is a choice morsel to chew on whilst awaiting the first major government ruck, which, let’s be honest, can’t be that far away.

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