May 3, 2010

higgins framed?

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okay let’s choose our words carefully here.

damning video footage hit tv screens today which purported to show baby-faced scottish snooker genius john higgins negotiating his price for losing four frames of snooker in forthcoming games.

the revelations, published by britain’s news of the world paper, if proven to be true, whilst not exactly mould-breaking in the history of snooker would surely have career-ending implications for the genial “wizard of wishaw”.

let’s hope that these deeply unsavoury allegations are proved on thorough investigation to be unfounded.

indeed higgins, snooker’s world-ranked number one and 2009 world champion and his manager pat mooney who was also present at the meeting with ukranian “businessmen” where the alleged frame-fixing deal was recorded have issued strong and it has to be said not entirely implausible denials of any wrongdoing.

in a nutshell, they feared for their personal safety. who could blame them?

still the whole thing neither looks or smells good to me but let’s remember that at this time these are no more than untested allegations.

nonetheless, the question remains: why were they there in the first place?

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