August 29, 2009

arsene (i did not see it) wenger

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following the football authorities’ entirely reasonable response to the blatant cheating of his player eduardo this week, arsene (i did not see it) wenger warns us that the introduction of tv reviews of play would be opening a dangerous door.

where to, froggie. somewhere where you would finally have “to see it” kicking and screaming if necessary?

i refer readers who have the honesty to “see it” to my earlier doggerel on the sickening subject of simulation in football.

they, like me are happy to call it cheating. and no doubt some rather-less polite names.

bonnet de douche mes amies.

August 25, 2009

dramatic end to ashes series

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so, the all-conquering aussies waltz off back to matilda clutching the coveted ashes trophy. all hail to the mighty ones, for they truly are the kings of the world!

what? oh shit, it was all a bad dream. in fact, after a series of lack-lustre test performances, these colonial ne’er-do-wells have been rightfully dispatched by their english betters back to the antipodes, there to ponder on the copious shortcomings which have led them to eat their words, unbarbied. very tasteless i’m sure.

as i recall, i remarked to a less-astute observer (are there any others?) midway through that magnificent final day “ponting has the look of a man who knows the game is up”.

to be fair to the little snapper, albeit through gritted-teeth (and on this occasion agreably battered lips) ponting took defeat like a man, and the great sportsman that he is. (at least i assume that’s what he did. the batting legend speaks at such a prodigious rate that i suspect, probably due to the poor health service development in his home country he was vaccinated with a sewing machine needle).

but i digress.

to tell the truth, in circumstances where common-sense would have seen more-educated nations repairing to their bungalows for extended bouts of wound-licking, these plucky if ill-advised, post botany bay, convict-bred also-rans have it seems, made the foolhardy decision to remain in the uk with only the prospect of further ignominious defeats in the upcoming one day series.

one has to admire their pluck, if not their intellect!

cheer-up diggers!

see ya! wouldn’t wanna be ya 😉