July 12, 2009

get a chance against the aussies — pour-it-on

Filed under: just whinging,sport — anne thrope (miss) @ 2:44 am

while many commmentators have been pilloried for their criticism of kevin pietersen’s dismissal in the first innings at cardiff, i agree with them.

in fact, as i said last time “get a chance against the aussies you better pour-it-on”.

well we did (get a chance), and we didn’t (pour-it-on).

and the result of this failure is surely crystal-clear for all to see! the australians, by contrast, never miss an opportunity to exploit weakness, and therein lies the difference between us. these tiresome colonials show a streak of stickability a mile wide.

they aren’t just moderately interested in the idea of winning should the opportunity be kind enough to present itself: they go out onto the park with a determination to make it happen.

or perhaps that should be “bloody-well make it happen”. yes, i think it should.

and that’s why they’re walking all over us in this first test. realistically we probably need rain to come to our rescue. at the risk of sounding unpatriotic we don’t deserve it.

so lift your game. find some stickability and bat-out however much of three sessions you have to.

oh, and recall harmison for the second test. we badly need a somebody who can bowl plenty of overs and put a bit of fear into these upstarts.

kind regards, an englishman.

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