July 10, 2009

the biter bit

Filed under: just whinging,politics — anne thrope (miss) @ 1:40 am

in a world of filthy greed, vaulting ambition and human frailty it’s never a surprise when the biter gets bit.

and so it is that after weeks (or was it months) of revelations of the disgraceful house of commons ‘expenses’ culture by the telegraph, the spotlight now turns on the lousy world of journalism over claims of wholesale illegal phone tapping by news international ‘reporters’.

as they used to say in old money: ‘people in glass houses should get out of the kitchen’.

paradoxically, almost before this story is out-of-the-blocks it backlashes into politics due to cameron’s ill-advised choice of press guru, andy coulson, the man who knew nothing about these offences but purely out of a sense of honour, resigned anyway, before he could be questioned on the matter.

sweet dreams, david. (i know: you’re relaxed already).

bring out the tumbrills, again. (if wet, in the church hall)

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