July 9, 2009

obama at the g8

Filed under: just whinging,politics,the bleedin' obvious — anne thrope (miss) @ 1:56 am

the recurring theme among g8 publicity clips is of the great one (primus inter pares – of course) patting the backs of his co-religionists like some benign uncle. what’s that about then?

well, he’s on the opening leg and hoping that progress will be eased if he ingratiates himself with each of these transient irritants he has decided to do just that, by convincing them on-by-one that they’re his special friend. heart-warming and inconspicuous all at the same time. 😉

who was it who said that “the secret of politics is sincerity. if you can fake that you’ve cracked it!”?

i don’t remember, but whoever it was, i’m with them.

cheeribye poppets.

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