May 12, 2009

brown sorry again

Filed under: just whinging,politics,sap of the month — anne thrope (miss) @ 10:16 am

what do you do in a case like gordon brown?

barely a month ago the whole country was trying to drag him from his lair and force him to utter the “s” word. like a recalcitrant schoolgirl he refused until the clamour became unbearable, finally letting it slip out on a building site when he thought nobody was listening.

how pathetic! ever more pathetic now however, having grasped the nettle he is leading the charge of insincere mea culpae over mp’s scummy expense claims like he’s suddenly discovered a new way of amassing brownie (see what i did there?) points. in his dreams!

sheep as a lamb, pretty boy: give us another grin!

catch you later sleaze funders. 😉

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