April 30, 2009

kicking and screaming

Filed under: just whinging,politics — anne thrope (miss) @ 2:32 pm

ok i’m back, just in time to squeeze the last drop of piss out of brown before we leave behind the unremitting torments of april and move on to the sunny uplands of may.

it’s been a month, nay a year of humiliation for the government in general, and brown in particular and even today we shall see him dragged by mps, including many from his own side, kicking and screaming into changing/deferring/scrapping his ill-thought-out “plans” (haw-haw) to reform their expenses.

to be more accurate, which is frankly rather difficult in the circumstances, having dreamed up his ludicrous proposals on the back of the proverbial fag packet, then refused like a recalcitrant child to swallow the inevitable u-turn in the face of widespread derision, today, a rapt commons will be treated to harriet harperson performing procedural contortions of such epic stupidity that even brown might realise it. or more likely not.

as hey say “you couldn’t make it up!” and even if you could, you wouldn’t.

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