April 12, 2009

juvenile and inappropriate

Filed under: just whinging,politics — anne thrope (miss) @ 1:05 am

gordon brown, on the emails sent by his strategist damian mcbride, said to include unsubstantiated slurs on david cameron and george osborne, among others.

keen as he is to trumpet his own personal decency, this childish activity, carried out at the taxpayers’ expense while the country quietly goes to hell on every front is yet another wake-up call for brown, who is fortunate that mcbride has now resigned. i trust that his choice of a successor, however unnecessary yet inevitable, will be better advised.

the most favorable interpretation of this kind of activity is that it is rooted in a desperation to cling on to power at whatever cost.

nonetheless, such unwarranted personal attacks are completely out of order in 21st century politics especially by some piggy-eyed creature with a face like a ripe fois gras. oops!

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