April 5, 2009

hoon: noun definition: a lout or hooligan

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i’ve given myself a headache.

i was trying to think of a single word for a senior member of a government, already in receipt of a handsome salary for doing next to bugger-all, and living rent-free in a whitehall apartment, claiming an allowance for a home in his constituency, while letting out his london flat to a private tenant. you know, a fine example of democratic socialism in action!

in my ignorance the best i could come up with was ‘hoon’.

now as all dedicated neighbours viewers will know, ‘hoon’ is a word used predominantly in australia and means roughly ‘a lout or hooligan’. so obviously it’s not really close enough. i’d have preferred something that meant more like shameless, greedy pig, but you get my drift.

but what are you moaning about? it’s all within the rules.

well, maybe it is. but if you stop and think about it, honestly, is it decent (decent: adj. definition: respectable; worthy) or is it putrid (putrid: adj. definition: foul-smelling; rotten)? you choose.

by the way, how many other areas of life can you name where the pigs are free to set the depth and abundance of their own trough? (alright then, other than bankers: we’ve done bankers). in your own time!

excuse me while i empty my sickbag.

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