April 4, 2009

a presidential progress — if it’s sunday it must be prague

Filed under: just whinging,politics — anne thrope (miss) @ 2:32 pm

so the all-conquering barack hussein obama continues his ground-breaking journey through europe.

the epic, several-day, ‘first non-white president of the usa tour’ has already played to packed arenas in london (g20 leg) and strasbourg (nato arm) and now the caravan moves on to the czech republic, prague to be precise where all has not been well recently, with lame duck prime minister mirek topolanek fiercely critical of US economic recovery plans. (doubtless the ever vigilant cia will be keeping obama away from the windows for fear he might topple neck first out of one)

one cannot help feeling that by the time the EU summit gets underway, many of our revered leaders will probably be sick of the sight and sound of each other. (everybody will be sick of silvio berlusconi, obviously)

but what the hell? another day, another junket; it could be worse. more champoo anyone? yeah, make mine a pint.

bye for now suckers.

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