March 27, 2009

brown – in the brown stuff – even deeper still

Filed under: just whinging,politics — anne thrope (miss) @ 1:34 am

what price your gordon brown shares now?

if you’ve had the bottle to hold on to them so far you have my admiration and pity in almost equal measure! just out of interest, who are you, mrs brown?

well, a word to the wise: pretty boy is now shedding his clothes so fast that he’ll be greeting the assembled g 20 leaders in london next week stark bollock naked!

if i had to admire anything about him (and i don’t), i’m just saying if i did, okay, it would likely be his ability to row backwards whilst removing every last thread of credibility.

look brown, i’m asking nicely, again man, for pity’s sake why don’t you do everybody a favour and just bugger-off?

we’re clinging to the hope that you’ll realise it makes sense – it’s all we’ve got left.

ttfn poppets.

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