March 26, 2009

more formula 1 grand prix farce

Filed under: just whinging,sport — anne thrope (miss) @ 11:33 am

more farce in formula 1 racing as a new row erupts over car design before a single lap is driven in anger.

new regulations introduced for the 2009 season, broadly with the intention of making the racing more exciting have resulted in many design change requirements.

the fuss this time seems to be about the design of a component called the rear diffuser which can have a dramatic effect on downforce, and therefore speed of the three cars concerned. i’ll spare you further details and just take the piss out of the chaos.

by the way, courtesy of another design change this time at the pointed end, look out for a shower of carbon fibre as new, full-width front wings are ripped off in contested tight turns, especially the first corner.

enjoy the new season. 🙂

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