March 4, 2009

itv — not making the grade

Filed under: business,doggerel,just whinging — anne thrope (miss) @ 12:48 pm

poor itv, it’s on the rack.
the wall is firmly to it’s back.
for so long it was in the black
but these days it ain’t making jack.

curtailing winners, like the bill
just leaves it with more hours to fill.
soon viewers could be close to nil,
just one-or-two old dears in rhyl.

thought that was bad? it’s getting worse.
i’m gonna do another verse.

no sign of any blue sky thinking
with balance sheet and punters shrinking.
just to exacerbate the trough
the advertisers buggered-off.

quite simply for the last decade
it’s programmes haven’t made the grade.

see what i did there? grade .. ha-ha.

ceegar son?

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