February 25, 2009

football — simulation — pack it in

Filed under: doggerel,just whinging,sport — anne thrope (miss) @ 2:45 pm

i reckon this is klinsmann’s fault,
oh go on, add a somersault!
why not a half-a-twist, with pike?
and sukahara if you like.

although they plead the wound is painful
the man in black remains disdainful.
the upshot of all this confusion?
not even sprain or mild contusion.

of course i know this is a bore, but i’ll just write a little more. 😉

still, physio with spray anoints;
and meanwhile i award them points.
because, though they’re almost balletic,
they’re cheating and it’s just pathetic.

pack it in … now! 😉

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