February 23, 2009

liverpool drop two crucial points

Filed under: just whinging,sport — anne thrope (miss) @ 12:10 pm

so porky anfield supremo rafa benitez thinks his team can still lift the premiership title for 2009.

in his dreams! the possibility of this occurring is so vanishingly small that, should it do so i’ve promised to pass my fags (americans read cigarettes) round.

with a seven point lead manchester united would need to lose three of their remaining 12 games while liverpool win the lot, a tall order indeed.

the absence due to injury of talisman steven gerrard will surely make liverpool’s task even more difficult and i can’t help thinking that by the early may, rafa, who is renowned for his touchline hand signals, and has apparently been making less-than-favorable hand signals at repeated drafts of a renewal contract, might be making gestures of a different kind to liverpool as a whole.

bye for good (i mean now) 😉

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