February 7, 2009

clarkson: a gob with a brillo pad garnish

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wow! jeremy clarkson is mildly disrespectful to our sainted prime minister. hold the front page!

another case of much ado about nothing dominates the news media.

so no surprise there you might think, and you’d be right. knee-jerk outrage has lately become the standard reaction of the british press to the slightly off-colour utterances of any gob-on-a-stick, however low down the food chain.

of course clarkson has been known to amuse from time-to-time. there again, my springer spaniel sometimes farts in middle c but that shouldn’t and won’t make it a tv star. (bring back esther rantzen … just kidding 😉

the more important question here is why these gibberings should make anything more prominent than page 47 of the beano.

and similarly, why do charities who support the blind feel the need to get so exercised over this trivia? don’t they know that those they seek to represent are more than capable of treating the clarksons of this world with the disdain they deserve? give them credit for being average, sensible people like the rest of us.

every week they are among the millions who tune-in to clarkson on the tank. every week they hear him slowly sealing his own fate with his crass, worn-out remarks, like the death of a thousand cuts, and respond accordingly.

sure he might know a bit about cars, but would you want to own one he’d ever driven? personally i’d rather be a pig!

bottom line, my opinion; he’s a sphincter looking for a headline (which once again he has found) but he’s past his sell-by date … tick tick tick

and on that (discordant) note, goodnight

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