May 23, 2008

those crewe and nantwich results in full(ish)

Filed under: just whinging,politics — anne thrope (miss) @ 5:48 pm

well the crewe and nantwich by-election went precisely according to script as the beleaguered brown government suffered a fearful drubbing at the hands of a resurgent conservative party. the labour candidate, tamsin dunwoody, subdued at the declaration, did at least poll some votes and must surely have been grateful for the absence of her party leaders support.

imagine however, if you will, the scenes of tasteless jubilation in the blair household: gales of unbridled laughter broken only by the rhythmic popping of champagne corks as gorgeous cherie opens an entire case of ‘schadenfreude brut-de-brut’ with her teeth.

the atmosphere chez-brown, usually broodingly morose, is now by contrast, morosely brooding. you just don’t know what to expect when the great leader’s around!

suddenly, out of nowhere, the great man appears, looking for all the world as if he’s lost a by-election and found there’s another one on the way.

“gordon’s alive!” murmurs a junior gopher (noun: junior gopher number 10 pay grades guide “privately-educated, snot-nosed bag-carrier who wouldn’t know true meaning of socialism from a whole in the ground, on £50,000 a year for doing bugger-all“), in a pathetic, cod-brian-blessed voice, haplessly trying to lighten the mood.

“fuck off” says gordon, kindly, “you’re fired!”

meanwhile, back at new labour hq they’re assessing the damage. although many of his cabinet retain a modicum of credibility, having been largely prevented from straying into the choppy waters of public utterance for over 12 months, brown is now undoubtedly holed below the waterline, and shipping water at an alarming rate.

there’s no doubt at all that the typical voter was delighted to see the back of blair but it’s extraordinary how a combination of events, some outside his control, others hand-made by brown himself at 11 as well as at 10 downing street coupled with a growing body of evidence surrounding his character have left him as unloved as his predecessor in next-to-no-time. the peter principle in spades!

at least blair could manage a sincere (looking) smile: brown’s by contrast looks like the wolf in little red riding hood.

it can surely not be too long before a substantial cohort of labour members realises that this man is costing them their meal ticket and tries to do something about it before it’s too late.

but maybe it already is. still mustn’t snigger (much).

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