May 22, 2008

crewe and nantwich

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ah yes: crewe and nantwich, a (constituency) name to conjure with!

for the uninitiated this is the name of a uk parliamentary constituency, where in a few hours time, the polls will open in a by-election.

for donkeys’ years this was the spiritual and parliamentary home of the (apparently) redoubtable gwynneth dunwoody, and now extraordinarily, under the egalitarian auspices of new labour, it’s to be the inheritance of her daughter the (apparently) unredoutable tamsin (i kid you not) dunwoody.

in her/their dreams. the result of this by-election, brought about by the recent, unfortunate passing of gwynneth dunwoody, far from the expected seemless succession is in fact forecast to be a spanking by the conservative candidate, barrister and shoe-repair heir edward “the cobbler” timpson, whilst the tragic tamsin scraps for second place with a lack-lustre lib dem candidate.

how embarrassing, on all counts.

(i’ll bring you the actual result after it happens .. if i’m wrong i’ll eat my granny’s airtex vest)

that’s it for now, and it’s more than you deserve.

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