May 22, 2008

champions league final … moscow

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for those of you who have been visiting distant galaxies and haven’t heard about it, the football champions league final was played last night, in moscow. what’s that about then?

ok a couple of russian teams are allowed to be in the draw each year. i can see where you’re going here, ‘in the interests of fairness the venue for the final should rotate between the participating countries.’ so, in short then it was just their turn in the barrel.

all very fair and reasonable i’m sure. but what are the chances of a russian side ever being involved in a final? you’re saying “vanishingly small, surely”, and you’re right! for once 😉

so what, do you imagine might be the ‘carbon footprint’ of this ludicrous exercise: the two teams, managers, trainers, medics, bag-carriers and other ill-assorted hangers-on; 50,000 fans and god only knows what else being hauled to moscow and back? all this just to play football match which could have been accommodated quite adequately at a neutral venue in the uk, ‘the shay’, for example, at a fraction of the cost. the mind boggles. surely this is economic and environmental lunacy?

having said that, i remain to be entirely convinced by the so-called evidence about global warming, and more specifically the contribution of burning fossil fuels to the ‘greenhouse effect’.

but what do i know? if i was in charge we’d all probably go to hell in a handcart.

actually, i think i’ll set-off now.

ta-ta suckers.

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