May 21, 2008

jacqui smith at the police federation

Filed under: just whinging,politics — anne thrope (miss) @ 2:38 pm

yet another example of the brown government’s abysmal judgement was on show today as the home secretary confirmed her refusal to pay the police their independently assessed wage settlement in full.

it’s such a blindingly obvious tactical error one can sense brown’s own fingerprints all over it. just after the chancellor has incurred £2.7 billion in extra borrowings to settle the self-inflicted 10 p tax debacle smith looks more stupid than ever trying to sustain the silly argument that paying the balance of the pay award totalling about a fiver would fuel wage inflation.

well i grant you the police are paid more than enough these days but to invite aggravation from yet another group when you are already despised from all points of the compass is stupid beyond belief.

some arguments just ain’t worth the effort, and this is so oviously one of them.

stop digging, idiots.

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