May 20, 2008

england v new zealand 1st test result

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well i’m not gonna waste to much time on this, and that’s probably more than it deserves.

despite a reasonable start, due to a combination of bad weather and bad cricket this has finished as a lost opportunity.

although the opposition was the drink-of-water i suggested earlier the home side simply failed to take advantage and deliver the appropriate spanking. underperformance was noted in a number of areas, obvious examples being an uncharacteristically random effort by the usually sound sidebottom, who sprayed the ball almost anywhere, and a routinely dismal showing from pieterson who sprayed it nowhwere at all.

sadly, despite an outstanding performance with the bat, mighty michael vaughan failed to galvanise his troops in the way we have come to expect from him.

pieterson’s perfomance, by contrast was just what i had expected from him and if i were a selector i would have shown him the door long ago. in short: “lift your game, or leg it”.

over and out.

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