May 16, 2008

england v new zealand

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so here we are again at the beginning of another english cricket season. our first international opposition this time is new zealand and thankfully, as i write this at the close of play on day two we seem to have made a reasonable start.

having said that, although they have occasionally had a reputation for punching above their weight the new zealanders are in reality just a bunch of no-mark australia wannabees. huh, in their bloody dreams.

well, let’s face it, if we don’t hand these also-rans the drubbing they deserve, what chance have we got when the formidable south africans arrive in july.

whilst all england supporters will be hoping for a good performance from the home side against the springboks, realists will be checking the condition of their tin hats ready for the onslaught from a side to which, in a similar way to the australians seem to treat test cricket just like they do the 20 – 20 game and generally get away with it.

but i’m forgetting for a moment, the mighty michael vaughan is now back in control of the home side. we may just humble these jonny-come-lateleys just for playing in our backyard.

note to (sir) geoffrey (that’s a one-day shot) boycott: the 1960’s were 40 years ago.

ta-ta for now.

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