May 15, 2008

pets as snackfoods

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main course and starter comfort food

i’ve been giving some thought recently to the tedious controversy over eating animals other than those typically to be found on the menu at the average suburban eaterie.

and frankly i can’t understand why, while almost everybody in the western world is happy to eat cow, or pig or sheep, most are likely to spit the dummy at the merest mention of for instance, horse, as a snackette.

by contrast, horsemeat is routinely eaten in many countries around the world. i myself thoroughly enjoy eating horse. as a matter of fact i had a pony for breakfast yesterday. very tasty it was too! reminded me of the old 1860’s tv ad: "go to work on a horse".

typically, however, guests seem to have more modest appetites, ‘oh i do love horse but i wouldn’t want to be saddled with a whole one’. so at formal dinner parties i’ve found the classic ‘pan-fried devilled ears with eyeball garnish’ very well-received as a starter, perhaps with a young, full-bodied new world merlot.

but as an entree, head-and-shoulders above all other cuts (including the head and shoulders … which by-the-way are excellent to pick at with your fingers as a midnight snack) is undoubtedly the hind leg, gently braised on the bone with shallots, bouquet garni and a little barsac, a treat denied to millions the world over, due in no small part to the improbably-shaped cooking pot required.

but the conundrum remains: if the horse is such an epicurean triumph why not try the family cat, or the children’s guinea pig, albeit the latter barely the makings of an appetizer for one? indeed why not? i’m game! (but let’s not stray onto game … an irresistible subject for another day … hmmm … i’m salivating just at the thought of it).

still having dallied into the enticing area of finger-food i’m not too proud to admit i’ve recently developed a bit of a taste for puppy. it’s just the thing when you get a bit peckish between meals. why only last tuesday i knew i’d be having a late lunch so i slipped out mid-morning for a young dachshund with a piquant garlic mayo in a crusty baguette, and a diet coke. yum yum.

so, in short, my advice is, don’t be too sniffy about what other people like to eat until you try it yourself. hell, the french eat frogs legs and there’s nothing wrong with them, is there?

just kidding! in fact i’ve been practically vegetarian for years. still, as they say, ‘a little bit of what you fancy does you good.’

anybody seen my night-sight?

later, muppets!

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