April 18, 2007

english one day cricket

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english one day cricket. what’s all that about then. i’ll tell you what; it’s a bloody national embarrassment, that’s what!

vaughan, lift your game; fletcher, get out; flintoff, grow-up and start delivering or get out; pieterson, forget your own publicity and start delivering or get out.

generally, bloody-well wake up and smell what’s going on around you. if you can bear it, take a look as well.

then pull your fingers out, go out there and get some wood on the ball. if you’re not good enough to play that way make way for somebody who is.

one day cricket (the clue’s in the name) is not the same as test cricket, or hadn’t you noticed? having said that, the trend in test cricket is slowly heading in the same direction.

which only makes the situation yet more critical. wise-up. once upon a time geoffrey boycott was exactly what (test) batting was about. uuhhh? 40 years have passed by since then.

you’re embarrassing. so shape-up, or ship out.

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